Do you want to save thousands of dollars on every home you build?

    Do you want to decrease your build times and get your homes on the market quicker?

        Do you want a cost-effective one time solution you can use on every house?

Efficiency By Design will pay for itself every time you build a home. Istockhouseplans can analyze your current home plans and make recommendations for each one on increasing your conversion rates and saving you money. There are several ways to get this service:

Browse the blog!

Our blog has dozens of tips for saving money in the home building process.
Get the ebook!

The ebook contains all of our methods that you can implement yourself. What it won't do is the calculations for beam headers or a savings analysis.
Get the pdfs!

These pdfs include the very same ones we use for analysis and cost effectiveness. You'll also get the detail sheets in both 18x24 and 24x36 to include with your own plan sets, as well as the ebook.

Get the full service!

Let Istockhouseplans do the full analysis for you! You get:

Professional analysis and optimization of your plans

Cost effectiveness worksheet, filled out

A report explaining each item

Details in pdf

Free $6.95 $395 $1/sf

You can also request an on-site visit which includes training for your subs, built models for their convenient reference, and evaluation of current builds in progress. Free with the Full Service. We are local to the Portland Metro area. Contact us for availability and for trips to the rest of Oregon.

*Note: Istockhouseplans uses the IRC with Oregon Amendments for this service. May not be applicable to your local jurisdiction. This service may not be available in Nevada.