Advanced Framing Details

ADVANCED framing details aren't for all builders. Fact is, most builders have been using the old method for so long that they can't imagine a better way. It's true, you just can't teach an old dog new tricks. But for the builder who wants to save time and money these framing techniques can be quite useful. Most of the time the result will be 33% less framing material costs. Did you catch that? That means that if it costs you $10,000 to buy all your studs and headers, you can reduce that price to under $7,000. Do that for a dozen houses and you've just saved almost $40,000! But, like we said, most framers prefer to do it the old way and spend the extra money.

You might cringe at spacing your studs 24" on center. "Will that hold the load?". A common misperception is that you need the greater stud spacing to keep the second floor from crashing down. That's simply not true. A 2x6 at 24" on center wall will hold a second floor and a roof just fine. And that's not a theory. The International Residential Code allows it in Table R602.3(5). All these advanced framing techniques are pulled right from the 2006 IRC. Two stud corners are shown in Figure 602.3(2). If you're worried about your sheetrock flexing, bump up to 5/8".  The extra cost is minimal compared to your stud savings. For more details, see the following links: