Istockhouseplans is a registered ABN in the state of Oregon, USA.  Our name is protected under U.S. trademark law per the USPTO website.  Our classification is IC42-A0058, Architecture.  Our business may be referred to as "istockhouseplans", "iStockhouseplans", or "I Stock House Plans".  Our registered URL is  We may own other URLs as is necessary for our business model.  Istockhouseplans is also the owner of the Istock4kids name and website.

Our color scheme is that of Google Page Creator's blueprint theme.  We have carried this theme onto our blog and other web presences where we are able to do so.

Our logo is depicted as a two-tone isometric view of a simple house with gable end and door to the front. The specific colors complement our webpage.  If you would like to honor us on your for sale signs, you may use our image with the colors as is or substitute the dark blue for black.  This image is istockhouseplans' trademark and web icon:

The fictional character Dr. IstockhouseplansTM on our blog is also protected by trademark law.  Any similarity to any person or character living or dead is mere coincidence and should not be considered to be willful trademark infringement.

All of our house plans and ideas are protected under U.S. copyright law.  Per our understanding, copyright law on our house plans, website, etc will expire 70 years after our company has dissolved.  You are then free to use them.  Until then, infringement includes penalties not limited to $20,000 per work infringed and $100,000 per work willfully infringed.  Changing the orientation of our house plans, colorizing them by any means, or giving them a new facade does not a unique representation make.

While our plan names may be common names, we claim trademark status on the combination of plan name and number (e.g. but not limited to Lombard 1558TM).  Consider it to be a combination of first and last name.  Using strictly the plan name may be considered as referring to the same plan as the name number combination and should not be considered to be in addition to or nullify the name number combination.

While we understand that similarities exist in house plans, we also seek to protect our unique ideas.  We feel that we may lay claim to the Inset Bay WindowTM design as seen on our Lombard 1558 plan.  We feel the same about our Chimney WindowTM design as seen on the Lombard 1558TM and Arbor Lodge 2648TM plans.

Use of our house plans is limited to authorized sales only.  Authorized sales includes through our own website or our nationally recognized brokers.  Any building of our houses without an authorized sale is considered to be copyright theft.  Any reproductions of likenesses of our house plans whether electronically or physically shall be considered copyright infringement.  Purchase of one package of house plans shall permit the building of one house only representing the design therein.

Istockhouseplans allows physical scale models of its homes to be built from any medium for the use of the owner only.  Any unauthorized sale of physical or electronic representations of our homes is considered to be copyright infringement.

When building a house from our plans, you are solely responsible for the construction of the home.  Istockhouseplans assumes no responsibility for your lack of experience, confusion of terms, alternate building methods, local jurisdictions, topography, weather, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond our control.  The contractor is responsible to review the plans prior to building and notify the designer of any necessary changes, errors, or omissions.  Istockhouseplans shall not be responsible for any damages arising from the use of our plans in excess of the license fee paid.  Our full disclaimer is on every page of our house plans.

Text on our website and house plans is protected under copyright law.  If you would like to quote us from any source, please be sure to credit "istockhouseplans".

All other trademarks and symbols are the property of their respective owners.

If you are in doubt as to any activity regarding our trademarked or copyrighted material, please feel free to ask us for clarification.  We are happy to assist you in your endeavour.

This posting is intended to be guide only and neither complete nor a substitute for real legal counseling.  If in doubt or serious hot water, please contact a reputable, licensed professional.

Updated December 16th, 2013